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There are other top shelf European leagues, like the The finnisher basketball all-star shirt besides I will buy this Swedish Elite League (Eliteserien), the Finnish SM-Liiga, the Swiss Elite League, and the German Elite League. There are also good leagues in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. They are not more successful in the 21st Century. If you measure success by Stanley Cups, no Canadian team has one it since 1993, an almost 30 year drought. In that time the Cup has been awarded 28 times meaning that there have been 56 Finalists. Of those 56, only 6 Canadian teams have made it to the finals.

Vancouver and Ottawa (modern) have never won a Cup. Montreal last won in 1993, Edmonton last won in 1990 and Calgary in 1989. Toronto? Won’t even mention! However, this had nothing to do with the The finnisher basketball all-star shirt besides I will buy this success of Canadian hockey or hockey players. Canada is still the Number 1 country for hockey in the world and would be the favorite in any international tournament that included NHL Players. Hockey without contact checking (basically “shinny”) is not the same game. As a result, body checking is integral for separating a player from the puck. A hard hit is a rather extreme example, but it serves both the purpose of disrupting the play and also intimidating the opposition’s playmakers. This is where fighting comes in: it is considered a way to keep hitting and cheap shots in check in the same way that those acts reduce playmaking chances. Basically, there’s a relationship between playmaking, hitting and fighting and extreme cases of any one of these aspects of the game represent players trying to create competitive equilibrium on the ice (i.e. can’t score? Then hit and fight. If you can’t fight, hit and score, etc.)

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