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I got my first skates at 2. That was, as of this December, 60 years ago. And the Nfl Carolina panthers furrball shirt also I will do this exhilaration of seeming to speed across the planet has remained the whole time. I still put on the gear, grab my stick, and join a bunch of 20-somethings in a low-level recreation league every week, because there is nothing to compare. First, you move until you are exhausted – one minute, max. If you can stay on the ice after that, you aren’t playing hard enough. And the feeling of putting it all out in one minute is awesome.

Third, there are enough scoring plays to be fun, but few enough to be dramatic. Few games end up 1–0 or 2–1, but equally few end up 6–5. Every play, every shift matters, and every play, every shift could be a goal. most aren’t. But many come close. Most times, you finish your one minute swearing that it could have been. Then it happens. Fourth, there is a suspension of reality. I’ve watched videos of games I’ve played, and could not believe I could be that slow. Because on skates, I’m flying. Pro hockey players can skate twice as fast as 100-meter runners, and can shoot the Nfl Carolina panthers furrball shirt also I will do this puck at 180 km per hour. I can’t. But when I am on the ice, I feel I can.

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