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Thanks for your A2A which seems too conclusive & should have been a bit more balanced. Canadian hockey has not declined by any reasonable measure. Men’s hockey ranks Canada #1, womens hockey seems about even at the Nfl buffalo bills elmer fudd shirt Furthermore, I will do this top between US & Canada, jr men’s hockey US this year over Canada in final 2-0, last year Canada won gold & US didn’t final. NHL players are still about 50 percent Canadian, US reasonable % but way behind 50%. USA hockey latest development team & system has been & is working well, but Canadian development system studied & copied by European, Asian nations & even exchanged between Canadian & Russian coaches the 2 nations training & coaching techniques. USA has 10× Canadian population but about half as many developing players -USA hockey is doing better getting better athletes lately, but Canada hockey still currently ahead. Cheers

I’m too lazy to chase it down, but I have vague memory of personal tax benefits to players who ‘work’ in the Nfl buffalo bills elmer fudd shirt Furthermore, I will do this US, e.g., lower tax rates, that’s additional inducement. Of course Canadian teams have played in the NHL from the beginning because the NHL began in Canada in 1917 with 5 Canadian teams although only 4 played that season: Montreal Wanderers, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Arenas, and the Ottawa Senators. The Quebec Bulldogs were the 5th team. Statistically Wayne Gretzky but it is hard to quantify how many points Gordie Howe or Bobby Orr would have had in the 80’s and 90’s. And there is also more to winning in hockey than just scoring and in those metrics Gretzky’s skills don’t put him on the top. He was a decent player in penalty kills and playing without the puck and checking. Orr and Howe however were more well rounded. However the guy who likely I would say has the best perspective of all the players from the 50’s to the present day, former 8 time Stanley Cup winning coach Scotty Bowman listed his greatest players of all time with Orr and Howe as his top two, Maurice Richard third and Mario Lemieux fourth. Gretzky to him was 5th. I think that is not fair to Wayne, but his physicality is lacking to those four and his skating skills were not on par with the other four… (Orr to this day to me was the most incredible skater I have ever seen)

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